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You CAN change unwanted conditions!

I have been working with this technology for changing unwanted conditions for people for over 30 years. I started my education in Phoenix, Arizona in 1973. Now 40 something years later, I am still helping people and groups acheive the goals they desire. I have traveled extensively doing this, I have been in over 30 countries in the last 15 years.

Many people have helped me in my quest for self improvement, and later to help others improve themselves. My gratitude to all of them is enormous, but most of my thanks goes to Ron Hubbard, the first researcher to actually provide a real technology for understanding and handling the mind and spirit.

I have attended college for many years, always with the highest marks. I have searched everywhere I could possibly think of for some solution to the world that I found myself in, as I could plainly see it was not working very well. I was very interested in any technique that would enable me to help myself, and others, as the world that I found myself in seemed to be very lacking in understanding. All around me I found people doing strange things, things that not only harmed themselves, but others as well. As I child I thought that this was possibly a problem with the brain, and my first goal in life was to be a brain surgeon. Later of course,I found that the brain is only a switchboard, and the problem lay not in the circuitry, but in the operator of the machine.

The spirit runs and controls the body, and the body is not the source of any irrational conduct. The operator of this machine called a body is the one that hopes and dreams, and also the source of any and all conditions, good or bad.

By addressing the spirit, and looking over the collection of mental image pictures called the mind, one can bring about sometimes miracle changes in a persons life almost immediately. Some things take longer than others, but any unwanted condition in life CAN be changed to a better condition.

The universe is not random. The mind is not random. Both operate by very simple, very understandable laws and principles. They are easy to teach and learn, and of course if you have a rule book, it is easy to win, to succeed at this game of life.

An intoductory lecture is your first step on the road to having a new and improved you. Simple and more advanced courses not only teach you these principles, but allow you to knowingly change unwanted condtitions for you and those you care about.


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