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Purpose and Intention of
The International Church of Advanced Universal Spiritual Enlightenment

The Church was founded to forward Rons intention. We are Protestant Scientologists, we consider the works of Ron our "Old testament". We consider him a prophet, and his teachings as our "Scripture". We consider that the alterations in the technology created by supressive persons have resulted in greater and greater deviation from the teachings of the founder.  

In particular, a great many deserving beings have been denied the full gains available to an immortal spirit, have suffered the injustices of "Suppressive Declares", and in other ways have experienced bad handlings and thereby have failed purposes on the road to freedom.      

The purpose of ICAUSE Auditing and Training is to produce knowing immortality while in the present lifetime, using only the teachings of the Founder, LRH.. The CO$ has copyrighted or trademarked most of the words, so therefore some of the tech, particularly the upper levels have had to be rewritten to avoid legal attacks and harassment of money motivated management. We do not intend to bring any member of the ICAUSE church into a situation where they can be legally attacked or harassed. The materials that we use are not copyrighted by any money motivated source.


The COS is powerless to harm or stop any person from applying Scientology to themselves and the world around themselves. They are strictly limited to legal harassment and such. As long as you do nothing illegal, they have no authority other than opinion.

However, the ICAUSE teachings are true to the spirit of LRH, and we solely use his precise and exact clearing technologies to produce this knowing and aware immortality in the present lifetime. In other words, your body does not have to die to either go to heaven or hell. You create what you have in the present time.

As you progress one the Immortality Course, you will become more and more aware of the exact mechanics of this. We are all fully responsible for what we be, do, or have.


Worthwhile purpose could be simply stated as a purpose that gained enough agreement and support among other viewpoints, along with enough production and exchange to further survival of the individual viewpoint in its own opinion. Very broadly stated, it could be said that a worthwhile purpose would be one that produced the most optimum motion for survival across the dynamics of life.

 What I consider worthwhile is bringing some spiritual understanding to my fellow being. I consider auditing and training as something very worthwhile. And of course, I would love to see a world without war, criminals or insanity. I would not at all be adverse to seeing a cleared universe either.

The basic law this data comes from is very powerful. It literally will bring the dead back to life. In order to blow a stop, it is only necessary to rekindle the failed purpose. The Spirit never really lets go of that purpose, he lugs it around with him till the end of time with a covert attempt to hold that position he lost.

        It is not necessary to handle the stop. It is only necessary to rekindle the failed purpose. And if the purpose was truly worth while, it is a very very easy thing to do. Why did the Spirit get into that particular game in the first place? What was he trying to accomplish? What did he or she hope to achieve?

Discover this, and you will have rehabilitated any failed purposes along the line. People got involved with Scientology in the first place because they felt that there was a way out of the situations they found themselves in. They wanted to have freedom from unwanted conditions, and they wanted to have freedom to create and play knowing games of their own choosing..

We feel that knowing immortality in the present lifetime is not only a worthwhile purpose, but an entirely obtainable goal.

Rev. Tommy Thompson

Founder ICAUSE


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