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Clinics For 2012

March-May 2012 N. Cal area.

May -Aug Russia, Ukraine

Sept San Franscisco

I will go anywhere that someone wants to pay for two intensives, flight and accomodation for a week. Normally these clinics are well attended, and people share the cost of flight, etc.

Clinics are very intensive auditing and training. Training is done read it, drill it, do it style. Emphasis is placed on learning and practicing exact auditing skills to specifically handle an area of a persons case.

The runway is not long, and hands on training is heavily stressed. Learning is done by actual doingness, taking a real pc into session with a live bank, and making it go right. Correction before the fact is not done, but errors are handled and the appropriate retraining is given. The result is a rapidly trained auditor that knows and can apply standard clearing procedures to the person in front of them.

For the people getting auditing, they are audited intensively, as many hours a day as they can take. Breaks are taken to enjoy and accustom oneself to the wins and changes. They are audited in a distraction free and un-restimulative environment, but emphasis is placed on rapid case gain to handle the person bank, and to rapidly move them above any further restimulation. When they are not being audited, they go on course to develop the necessary skills to handle their next step forward. Some people will be training on meter courses, solo courses, and prepared to solo audit successfully on the Immortality Course. This way little time is wasted.

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Clinics are given in the native language of the country, English, Russian, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. Multilingual auditors and course supervisors are always available for attendees.