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There are a great many rundowns in the body of Scientology, all of which deal with one particular condition or the other.


I have found that the following rundowns have more universal value than others, and apply to more general life conditions.


This rundown concentrates on the reasons that a person would be involved in any contra-survival situations, and through gentle data stripping and straightwire procedures, resolve and handle things that a tremendous amount of basic charge is sitting on.

By handling these more basic charges, much of the reactive content and restimulation magically disappears, without ever touching it.


HC Plus-Point Out-Point list.

This rundown deals with the basics of sanity and insanity. Sanity is the ability to DISTINGUISH between differences, similarities and differences. The opposite end of this is A=A, one thing is equal to every other thing.

This is a simple rundown, both educational and resulting in considerable case gain for the individual. Basically, the thing that most improves a thetan is increasing his certainty. It is not whether or not a thing is bad or good, what results in his bettered ability is his/her CERTAINTY. Certain it is bad, fine, certain it is good, fine, that it is or is not there. That is what improves a being, certainty. This rundown handles the basics of logic, of sanity and insanity. When a person can not decide about something, he gets hung in a mystery. When something "looks" logical, but in fact is not, a thetan can be handed a big loss. Clearing up the outpoints in life, and the pluspoints in life produces a great amount of relief. It resolves the "maybe" of logic and illogic. Quite a marvelous rundown.


Contact me to get a tech estimate for handling these or any other rundowns that may be applicable to your situation.


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