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Free Zone ICAUSE Los Angeles

ICAUSE CO Advice Letter 18 June 2001



       Good Morning. I have been getting some questions about why the ICAUSE Churches are opening and what is the purpose of them.

       The Free Zone could be said to roughly encompass people with some knowledge of Ron clearing technologies, and not currently with the CO$. However, that is not really an apt description, as there are hundreds of people who are in the CO$ who do not communicate on the two major public forums,, and alt.religion.scientology.        Some people have found great value in the clearing technology. Some have found little value in the same thing. Some people agree with all of it, and some agree with none of it. They agree to disagree.

        However, the purpose of the Advanced Organizations, the delivery centers of ICAUSE is not to mold or change agreements. The purpose is to service those who know that the technology can bring about improved conditions in life and living.

       The current CO$ has done a lot of bad things. There is plenty of agreement on that, with the volume up.

       What is often missed in all the mud slinging and name calling is that it did a lot of good things as well.

       Apparently it has set its sights on the lowest motivation of all, that of money. And it uses blackmail of the spirit to make sure that the money flows occur. This is just too too bad. Official policy is: "It is too dangerous to look over there." In other words, don't you dare communicate to anyone we say you can't. And if you do, then that's it, you are outta here, sp declare, disconnect, have a nice eternity in hell.

       Totally insane. Inability to distinguish right from wrong.

       The point where a being or an organization goes bonkers is pretty exact. It is right where they begin to stop things compulsively and reactively. They cannot distinguish between survival and non survival motion, so they just try to stop all motion.

       You can't stop just some motion you know. Pretty soon you begin to specialize in stops, and that means you wind up stopping your own production. When you run out of lower feeder people, then you charge more and more to the upper people for the same service. Pretty soon, you have such outlandish prices, that even Patrons get disgusted with the whole thing and quit as well.

       The road out was a flourishing, prospering thing around 30 years ago.

       Lots of people wanted to get a little better, it seemed like. It was fun, you had a good time there, your friends were there, you learned and progressed every day.

       No matter what you did, it seemed like you expanded. If you put an advance payment on a service, it seemed like the same day you got a raise.

       Things just seemed to go right.

       Now what happened? It doesn't seem to go right so much any more. I know a lot of people who went in hock up to their eyeballs to pay for services there, and got strung out "going on hoping." Finally when and if they saw the light, they were faced with a unpleasant bankruptcy from draining their credit, or worse.

       Just to keep you on your toes, if you complained about it or wanted your money back, all your friends and family were forced to disconnect. Now that is sad. Now you are bankrupt and can not talk to your own children, or parents, or spouse.

       And it is all because of reactive, compulsive stopping.

       The old church can not change. It commits overts, it has problems, and it cannot communicate. It is not a clear organization by any means, it is not even a communication release, it does not even qualify for "a well and happy organization", a basic Dianetics completion.

       In possession of a technology that could reach the stars, that organization tries to stomp those disagreeing back into the mud. All under the guise of keeping the road out "pure".

       There is a very interesting little cycle known as the cycle of a civilization. It gets some ideas, it grows, it becomes cumbersome and unwieldy and unable to reach the man in the street. So, it gets torn up, burned down among fiddle players, and then the current winners build a new one. Over and over.

       The ICAUSE churches are trying to get people from the state of human to spirit. We are not motivated by money, though it is pretty, and kind of fun to spend. We are motivated in the most part by duty. The job is there you know, and it just seems the right and optimum thing to do. Release man from his pain and travail, just seems like a good thing somehow.

       I have no doubt the ICAUSE churches will clear a lot of people, and make a lot of Immortals. It is rather certain that it will grow and have lots and lots of people involved. And one day some hotshot is going to come along and say "Wow, you guys are really a bunch of old fogies, move over, let some fresh blood take the reins." And it will all go down into rubble and a fresh path will be built upon the remains. And that one will go down, and another and another.

       So the purpose of the is not really to clear the universe or even the planet. Its purpose is to maintain an affordable clearing route and expand as much as possible to serve all of those who wish to cross for as long as we can.

       Its purpose is to provide auditing and training, advice, support and a helping hand to those who require one. Its purpose is to unite those beings who wish to get on with the business of improving life, and feel that the Ron' clearing technologies is a good way to go.

       Its purpose is to build a better path even while the old one is still collapsing.

       We have learned a lot in the last 20 years about how not to do things. And it has been there right in front of us all along. Communicate.

       Grant beingness. ARC, KRC. Simple stuff, any beginning student could tell you all about it.

       The positive awareness levels from communication to source are the awareness levels of the 21 departments of the org board, and it is a way back up the dwindling spiral. Below there, the person is not in the organization, and above there they come back in at a higher level of communication.

       If you look at the current CO$, they have nearly finished the spiral. Only they went the wrong way. They expanded vastly, was the fastest growing religion on the planet. And then the spiral reversed, and went below communication. Hope, demanded improvement, needed change, effect, ruin. At the very highest they need change, and some have even noticed they descended into criminality. Blackmail of the soul is a very very very criminal activity.

       But it is far from my purpose here to slam the CO$ or even try to reform it. It is pretty much too late, and the controlling interests are not going to let go until every last dime that can be milked out of it is gone. That is too bad, but it is not the purpose of ICAUSE to worry about that much, but to just get busy and go about clearing people.

       We unified, have far far more to say about the spiritual end of mankind than the CO$. Even splintered in a million different pieces, we still have plenty to say about it.

       I doubt that the Free Zone would ever manage to be a unified body. For starters, there are too many people who stand to profit by keeping it weak and powerless.

       But for sure, there are a great many people who would like to see clearing technologies applied somehow, and have a stable place in which to study, train and go free. That is the purpose of the ICAUSE Churches. To provide that support, and opportunity.

       Ron long ago was fond of saying that there was not much time left to cross the path. I thought he must have meant a few hundred years or so. No, he meant a few years. I only had a little over ten myself before it got too whacko to continue. Fortunately, most of my case was complete by that time. I was luckier than most, but I worked harder than most too.

       Perhaps the ICAUSE churches will only be here a couple of decades or centuries. Or one, or even a few years. Makes no difference. We will clear and train as many people as we can, and if that route gets torn down, build another on top of the ruins.

       It is doubtless that man will go free. It is just a matter of deciding in which portion of eternity he wishes to do so.

Tommy Thompson
Founder ICAUSE
© 2002 by Tommy Thompson