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On Standard Technology

Good Morning:
I have been meaning to post a bit on the above subject for some time.
Now the words "Standard Technology is copyrighted by the Church of Scientology. So is Ohh Tee, Bridge, Ell RR Haich, etc, etc, etc, etc. In fact nearly all of the words that are used in "Std Tech".
Now the problem with getting a person to the state of clear is no big deal. There exists materials aplenty all used, and even sold new that makes this matter simple as pie. It is a matter of good and sufficient auditing is all, the state of clear is easy to obtain, or produce in others. And even actually, the upper levels, they are all there in the books and tapes right in front of you.
And of course, we can teach courses, sell auditing or whatever with absolutely no complications by any wog agency. The CO$ might not like it, but really, they are powerless if you do not subscribe to their"think". The only weapon they have that could even slow us down even a little is the copyright and trademark laws. We can only be harmed through our own overts, plain and simple.
They can, and will try to sue anyone out of existence who violates these regulations. They use wog laws is all, and surprise, the wog laws are there to PROTECT the purchasers of any copyrighted works. Pretty much guarantees the usage of the knowledge transmitted in any form, they only hit you if you illegally copy and sell those materials for a profit.
Now the CO$ is not going to want to get into a big legal battle, and have all of the Ohh Tee materials become a matter of public record, as was done with the Nots materials in Sweden. However, they will spend millions to villify and try to harm anyone that is using those materials, and even try to stop any "derivative" works.
And since NO authorized copies exist of any materials above clear, then anyone promising to deliver "Std Tch" is out of luck unless they advocate the illegal activity of "pirated" confidential materials.
So, where are you going to get "Std Tech (copyrighted)" The CO$, that is the only place. And we know that is not much of a choice.
Now a lot of people want only Ron's technology. Nothing wrong with that. That is easy to do, word for word, right up to clear. And after that, you are out of luck. Anything above that is "confidential" and also copyrighted.
The ICAUSE church was formed to utilize the counter efforts of the bad hats. Pandetermined sort of.
They say "you cant do this or that", so we do what we have to. Ohh Tee becomes Operating Immortal. Scn becomes "Rons Clearing Technology". Ell R Haich becomes "Ron". And so forth. No big deal, we just cannot use the words they have copyrighted is all.
Now we have redesigned the Ohh Tee course with the name of the Immortality Course. And of course, it has been improved to quite a large degree, it has been streamlined from the top down, rather than pieced together as the Prophet originally built it.
So some may squeal and holler "YOU SQUIRREL. YOU ARE NOT STD. TECH". Of course not. We operate in the bounds of legality. We are LEGAL squirrels, not CRIMINAL std tech folks. You see?
Now anyone who knows the technology of Scientology well enough could set around and write tech until the cows come home, and it would all work and produce magnificent results. Anyone who does not is going to squawk and holler about how bad everyone else is. And If they have a head to squawk with, it is being hidden in a barrel where they cannot be hit. Them is the facts.
Blindly following any "path" with little or no understanding is not an optimum solution. Now Ron made a great one, it works on anyone, and it simply is done by keeping the blinders on and following the white line. No problem at all.
However, when it becomes illegal to follow that white line, or even to call it a white line, we have to call it a "cream" line, and stick to our guns.
So when you see anyone posturing and promising only "standard" tech, then know you are looking at someone who is in hiding. They have to be, because if they are not, the CO$ is going to try to sue them out of existence.
We are not hiding. We are cause. We are not effect at all. We make operating immortals every day, and have churches and people in nearly every country in the world.
So what is it going to be? Get on with the job of freeing others and yourself, or hang on to old fixed ideas?
To me it is not much of a choice at all. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet.
Tommy Thompson
Founder ICAUSE

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