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Application Links

(note many of these are quite old, and may not work. some are still good though) 

ICAUSE Website

The home of Free Zone America

ICAUSE Yahoo Group

Freezone Ameriaca's Discussion Group


Webpages of people applying standard Scio. in the Free Zone.

Other FreeZone Links

Free Zone Japan Everything on Meters. Russian site with some English. FreeZone book store. ICAUSE Site for Auditing and Materials Calif. Assoc. of Dianetic Auditors. Clearbird's Standard Tech. Open Directory on Scientology. Open Directory on FreeZone. Graphical presentation tracing many parts of Scientology, percursors and derivatives. Xyandra's personal web page. Standard Tech in Germany. Active Standard Tech group Russian Singles mixer. Austrailian FreeZoner site. More of Clearbird's Standard Tech. FreeZone Romania. Dissection of church Holy Cows. Tommy Thompsons original site Ideas and c-meter software from Italy. 3rd dynamic engram. Steve Tustin's personal web page. Meters and ICAUSE church site. Russian FreeZone site. Scientology Old-Timer web site. Main ICAUSE PAGE.. - Psychic Abilities. - PC visits Victor in Mexico. Heidrum Beer in Austria. - FreeZone web site. - FreeZone Standard Tech Intro. - FreeZone Russian site. Tools for Transformation. - World Transformation.

Viking Psychic Self Defense, Exorcism, Demonology and ETs.

Clearing Technology Links

Great Site that is Pro Clearing: Holy Cows Org

Homer Wilson Smith

The person responsible for and alt.religion.Scio. at:


Clinics are given in the native language of the country, English, Russian, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. Multilingual auditors and course supervisors are always available for attendees.