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Below are some lectures that I have made to further speed a persons study and understanding of the ICAUSE Church. Early lectures are in windows media player format. They are cut into 30 minute segments. The later ones are around 15 minutes, to stay under the 5 meg limit of this server.

The first series, the into lectures are intended for new people, it will communicate some of the possibilities of the materials of the Immortality Course to them.


I have also made many lectures in Ukraine and Russia over the last 10 years or so. These are about the Happiness Rundown, false data stripping, as well as many specific auditing actions, like a C/S 53, int rundowns, rudiment handling and so forth. There are a great many lectues on Peter Gilliams fundamentals of success, and several on the PDC as well as LRH Congresses. These are cut into several 2 hour lectures, available in DVD format. Alternately, they can be purchased and paid for via drop box. Information of the titles and cost are here.

The files listed below are low resolution windows streaming media files. High quality files are available on CD or tape, these are for listening to on the Internet, available for persons with slow connection speeds. You can either download them, or open them from the present location. I apologize for the poor quality of these first lectures, the later ones are much better.

If you are having trouble downloading these files with the windows interface, you can use a download manager to do it, and will not have to worry about failed downloads. You can get one from which I recommend.

Intro Lectures

Intro A Intro B Intro C Intro D

Pre Clear Hat - This lecture gives some of the basic information that a client should know.

Pc Hat A PCB


The Following sections entitled "Rudiments" are 30 minutes each, in MP3 format, and are around 5 megs each. This seems to be the lowest size with decent quality. The pc hat files above are in windows media format, and do not lend themselves to downloading. These mp3 lectures can be downloaded overnight or something if you have a slow modem, but the quality is much better.

Rudiments A Rudiments B Rudiments C

Rudiments D Rudiments E

The Bridge and Exteriorization describes how the bridge is designed to exteriorize the spirit from the various things unknowingly interiorized into, and the theory behind Exteriorization and havingness.

The following lectures are in MP3 format, better quality

Note: First two lectures have been lost, only C available.

Path and Ext A

path and Ext B

path and Ext C


The next lecture is entitled "Life Repair". This is the procedure used to deliver a life repair to a new person, which gives the technique and the end result of the procedure.

If you are having trouble with any of these lectures, you should right click them and save the file to your hard drive.

Life Repair 1 Life Repair 2 Life Repair 3

The next lecture is regarding the difference between the CO$, ICAUSE, and the technology. It gives some of the data why ICAUSE was formed, what our goals and purpose are, and why we have no illegal PC policies.

Part 1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Here is a lecture concerning the granting of beingness to a client, and two rules for a happy life.

Granting Beingness A Granting Beingness B


The Tone Scale is a lecture that describes the tone scales use in auditing a client, and how to determine when a process is complete.

Tone Scale A Tone Scale B

The following lecture is based on the communication and is-ness data, which goes into detail how the old church cut communication lines with the mass of the subject, and thereby abberated those seeking spiritual enlightenment. The remedy for all aberration is to simply reestablish the cut communication lines to the abberated subject.

ICAUSE Com Remedy A ICAUSE Com Remedy B


Since a lot of new peoples first introduction to processing is the basic books, I have recorded a lecture on the usage of Self Analysis.

Self Analysis A Self Analysis B

The next major self processing book is the Handbook For Preclears. The following 5 sections compose a 90 minute lecture covering the history, theory, application and a discussion of the time track of the research. (Note: first part of lecture has been lost, due to domain changes)


I have had many people query me about the gains to be had on the Immortality course. The below is a 90 minute lecture about the upper sections of the course.

ImmCourse1 ImmCourse 2 ImmCourse 3 ImmCourse 4

The Meter is an invaluable tool that the counselor uses to assist the client in finding and eradicating abberative mental conditions. The below lecture is a discussion of why the meter works, what it works on, and the various models of meters.

Meter 1 Meter 2 Meter 3 Meter 4 Meter 5

Setting a meter to read properly is one of the most important skills a counselor can have. The following lecture is a discussion of the correct way to set a meter.

Adjust1 Adjust 2 Adjust 3

The below lecture is entitled "Dissemination". It gives the data necessary to handle persons antagonistic to the Church of Scio., how to explain the difference between them and ICAUSE, and techniques of using Be, Do, and Have to find a persons Ruin, bring them to the understanding that help is possible.

Dissem1 Dissem2 Dissem 3

The next lecture is entitled "The Bank and Clear". It gives an explanation of the difference between the various types of clear, what natural clear is, what the Non Interference Zone is, where it is, and why a being is in liability until they are through it.

Bank1 Bank2 Bank3 Bank4


The history of the Freezone, and the origins of the ICAUSE church may be of interest to some.