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Revised 8 May 2002


Good Morning:

       It has been brought to my attention that much of the research that I and others have been involved in has use in other channels, mainly those dealing with Spiritual Counseling and Clearing Technologies.

       I have opened a Church in Los Angeles, and have plans under way to open others in other countries. (Since the time of this post, there have been churches opened in ten countries.)

       The Free Zone has become fragmented. This was due to a large degree by the organized attacks on individuals and groups by the CO$ in an attempt to squash them. Ironically, they were being attacked for practicing standard Scn.. Seems like there is a little line in the Justice PL's about "pronouncing scio guilty of practicing standard Scio.."

        Our natural tendency is to seek those other beings out with like minds, to continue as best we can whatever of the path that we perceived and wanted. That is all anyone wanted. They wanted to be able to train, audit and co-audit in peace. That's all. Simple spiritual freedom. And of course the Organized church came down on these people hard, for two fold reasons. One, it was direct competition. Why would anyone in their right mind pay $1000 an hour for auditing if someone else could deliver the same product for $100 or even $400 an hour? The second reason of course, is because the organized SP's did not want anyone going Advanced Being at all, and not even clear if it could be prevented.

       And of course it all runs back to 4th Dynamic meddling, keeping the prisoners in, and make sure they never find out they are any more than a meat body. Increase the pollution, make the traffic and living conditions restimulative, buy up any patents on anything that threatens big money, and bury it unconditionally. And of course that included Scio. and other Rons works. Trademarks every word and description, sue anyone for any use or reference to it, milk it for every dime you can get, and make sure it has a bad name world wide, just before you pull out with all of the cash and reserves, and let it crash totally.

       Well, this is pretty much exactly what happened to the CO$. They gave Scn. a bad name, they made the beingness of a scio a travesty, a joke, an object of ridicule. And worst of all, they cut any com lines from the "innies" to the "outies". They declared or ran off in one form or another anyone trained by Ron, any Advanced Being, or in general, anyone that protested in any way. And today, they declare indiscriminately, without even the benefit of a com ev. Not even a kangaroo one just for face's sake.

       Then they set out on a cold blooded mission to eradicate any groups of protestant scios or Advanced Being's who were trying to carry the ball as best they could. Of course they did not succeed, they just splintered them even further. Nothing they could have done would have ensured the continuation of Scio more than that. It was the equalivent of trying to as-is a rock with a stick of dynamite. They just further alter-ised it, made it persist, and additionally pissed of the thetans involved.

       And of course the CO$ started pulling in world wide attacks, flaps on every front, and even dumped battlefield earth on the big screen for millions to villify and scorn. And then they started lying, kept on lying, and are still lying. The biggest lie of all is the big Scn. sign on all of the buildings. Most of the real ones had all left by the early 80's, and the robots they are turning out now have no idea of what standard Scio. even is. I have gotten recent flag trained and audited people on my lines that can't setup or read a meter, or even fly ruds properly!

       It would almost be sad if it was not so funny. It is just to incredible to even be taken seriously. And the worst part is, the poor suckers think they are doing it right! You would be surprised at the amount of "flag doesn't do it that way", "oh we could never do that at flag", etc., I get out of pc's in session. And they are really really surprised that they feel good, that stuff got handled they have been trying for years to handle, and that 20-30 division of TA an hour is no big deal at all, just routine auditing.

       And a few hours of cramming and drilling properly takes a "class5" auditor from getting about a division an hour on a grade 0 pc to 22 an hour in a couple of days! Like I said, it would be sad if it was not so funny. The funniest thing, is that they have actually read all the correct hcob's and hcopl's to be producing results. But they have all this false data entered in, and "now I am supposed to's" that effectively end the processing. Sad, so close and yet so far. One auditor on some intensive cramming had a giant win and huge cog: "Oh.. I see.. TRs are supposed to be natural, and you just help the pc.." Just too incredible to be believed.

       So the old church is gone, only the signs are left. And they even are altering the books and tapes subtly, so they are not even really a good bookstore any more.

       And by no means am I holding myself up as a flubless auditor. I make mistakes, and I correct them and carry on. I personally audited around 500 hours in the last 9 months. I have a stack of pc folders taller than me, and a wall full of wins, success stories, and standard ravings "beyond wildest dreams, etc." From plain old , everyday garden variety auditing with good TRs and an intention to help the pc.

       What is a scio? Well it is pretty simple really. It is that thing that you were proud to be once. It is when you were on course and happy, and no one wanted to leave, and hung around coffee shops. It was when your friends were all winning, you were discovering life and livingness, and everything was going right. It was when you bought Dianetics, and new slant on life, and way to happiness, and just gave them away to people.

       Per the Tech dictionary: 1. one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology. 3. one who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life. 4. A specialist in spiritual and human affairs.

       So in my book anyone who is even using the smallest of the principles of Scio. in bettering conditions is a scio. Squirrel, splinter, or no. And for me, those three sentences above describe me perfectly.

       I am a specialist. I know my stuff, I know it is correct, and I know how to apply it to better conditions. And boy, do I ever understand life. There is no situation that can come up that I do not know how to handle, there is always a way to change things to a more optimum condition.

       I signed a billion year contract long ago. I figure that has quite a while to run still. And if the old man comes back, I don't really want to be caught sitting on my butt with my finger in my mouth because I didn't know what to do. More than that, I am miserable indeed only playing wog games fooling around with mest, care and feeding of the body, and craving for humanoid agreement. I am only truly happy when I am auditing or training others. I am only happy when I have a worthwhile purpose and am making progress towards it.

       For me, helping others is the only truly worthwhile purpose there is. Cleaning up the planet, contributing along the dynamics, it is all the same ball of wax. The best thing I can do for me is the smallest thing I can do for you.

       If Ron does not come back, that is ok too. Thank you sir, thanks for the wins and the tools, I wish him nothing but fair roads and good weather. He left me a plenty good set of tools for getting out of the soup, and I am going to use them the best I can. It is up to us all to do what we see fit. Freedom cannot be monopolized, legislated, or destroyed. We have to lay down and quit on our own determinism, or keep going by the same precept.

       I see a lot of folks vilifying and scorning Ron and the work he did. I have not seen anyone even remotely contributing any thing near as effective, broadly reaching and workable. Even the suppressive crowd is hanging on to every word, just to find some new perceived or actual fault. Lol. Total effect, regardless of the posturings and denials. Even the denial is admission of effect. And of course a few have to take the principles and alter them a bit so they can claim source. More power to them. As long as they are helping folks, I don't care if they say it came from a revelation on an acid trip.

       Of course there are a few beings who have contributed in the area. Some are even major contributions. I see this as a normal operation. Ron even said, "for gods sake get busy and build a better road." I see bright handlings showing up all over the place. I see an extra passing lane here, a shored up pillar there, and fresh new patch on the path appearing now an then. And of course this is flying totally in the sps face who wants to tear it all down and sink everyone back in the mud. Of course it is hard to the state of Operating Immortal. Just look at the amount of effort you have to expend. That is how much counter intention is against you. No one said it was easy. And no one who has really crossed it will tell you it is not worthwhile. The folks trying to distract you are doing just that. Pay them no mind. They are only effective at restimulation in the first place.

       So that is what a scio is. It is me, and you, and even the fellow over there with his head in the sand wishing he had the courage to do something.

       Go get a pc. Give an assist. Give a locational to a drunk. Handle an arcx for someone. Ask what solutions have you had for that problem to the troubled. Go read your poetry at an old folks home. Give a karate demonstration for the kids. Do something. Be effective. Charge up your meter, fly someone's ruds. Read a book, listen to a tape, increase your understanding and ability. Don't lay down. We all are counting on you, I am counting on you most of all. I need you to be free so I can be free.

       And don't forget our brothers and sisters in the old church. Most of them are good people, they have only been duped is all, and forbidden to look under fear of excommunication and declare. They don't know that the first one is the worst.:) Most of them are trying to make the tech work, even with all the mu's and false data they have. Don't be too hard on them. They don't really understand yet.

       And last but not least, grant some beingness to each other. It is ok to be right, it is ok to be wrong. Nothing wrong at all with fighting either. But let us not forget who the true enemies are, and not waste time on wrong targets.

Tommy Thompson
Founder ICAUSE

© 2002 by Tommy Thompson