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Immortality Course Section 1


YES with total certainty. I am not at all any other body. I am not my body, I am not any particle, wavelength, crowd, coliseum of people, friends, a forest, solar system with all of its planets, particles, suns, etc., or the galaxy.

I am fully aware of all of this as me Thetan - no doubt, pretense, or maybe....100% for sure and obvious.

This new abilities and state is worth every effort, push, q&a put aside & worked through, all the eons of knowing there must be something, i.e.: way back to who I really am.

Doingness: In mid process an extraordinary and at the same time of course OBVIOUS Clarity, instant perception ability to move my body or as a body through space amongst all those objects. There is a goneness of q&a with others, what they say, what they intend. I know what I want to do and I set about doing it in the here and now universe. Personally getting my room organized (after 2 months of not doing it) in one day. Not having a hidden to me and something I had, that I would be effect of others, I would be in affinity or be clue to... And keeping in ARC with them...

This is across my dynamics. Clear and IC 1 in less than a year!

THANKS RON TOMMY and Eli and those real time thetans helping me out!

Love T

PS. There are more and more wins, they just keep coming. WOW!

Immortality Course Section 1

Well the mystery is over. I have gained the state and knowingness of potential and willing cause over matter, energy, space and time. I have also gained the understanding that I am the one that is responsible for the creation of my existence on the first dynamic. I can create my own existence through the use of creating beingnesses, granting beingnesses, creating space and energy and time in which to have any existence.

BOY is this great!!! I have also assumed the beingness and responsibilities of Immortality Course 1.

Thanks and double thanks to Ron, Tommy Thompson, Ken Ogger and my twin, Tony Zile.

Much ARC,. ET


Hello All,
Wanted to openly acknowledge Tommy for the wonderful sessions we received in Elma. Huge thanks to the Kreniks for hosting us up there.

I blew a lot of charge on the auditing and also on just getting into session and addressing my Immortality Course case after literally decades of preliminaries.

I feel enthused about my path again. I want my husband and I to be a couple of the 5000 Immortality Course 8s in Tommy's postulate. I want to get our cases really rolling with auditing happening every week. Then I want to look around and get some others rolling too.

Ron made this life changing tech for USE, in session! Not for sitting in books on shelves or making it scarce one way or another. Tommy sets the major example, auditing morning, noon, and night. What a world this will be if we all forget some formalities and some squabbles and just massively AUDIT each other!
Thanks again Tommy, and Ron!

ARC, L and M

Immortality Course Section 1

"I drove home yesterday from Elma where I completed Immortality Course1 and I noticed something interesting: as I got closer to home all the familiar MEST didn't look familiar. There was not a sense of attachment to it, of proprietary affection, of being comforted by familiar terrain.

The neighborhoods were just neighborhoods viewed from a freeway; the off ramp to go home was just an exit off a freeway; the buildings I was driving past were just buildings I was driving past.

I am a bit more stably exterior from the MEST universe.

A fellow Elma Immortality Course1 completion said he definitely felt like a bigger being. I don't know about that but I am certainly confronting a lot more case! After 20 years around scn, playing around with mock ups of the clear case (which I didn't have since I went clear last lifetime), and really wanting to get into some meat in order to move up the path, I got my wish and am now confronting "real" case. Oy vey, be careful what you wish for! LOL. It's a tad overwhelming. Tommy expressed it very well: you have this nice *solid* case and on Immortality Course1 you begin to break that case up and suddenly it's all over the place! I have a sudden very clear duplication of the noninterference zone!

I've always known I was a god, not a homo Sapiens, but had no idea how to path the gulf between here and there. That was the reason I was in scn. On Immortality Course1 I have taken the first concrete step from where I was to where I belong. I look forward to my next step. May I never be the same! May we all never be the same!

I can't say it's all peaches and cream, but godamn it feels good to be on my way! There were just no stops with Tommy; I had no idea I'd be doing Immortality Course1. What I can say to every one of you is please forget all the BS you encountered in CO$ and the resultant considerations you may have developed and make it to a ICAUSE church for your next step. You'll be happy and I'll be happy and Tommy will be happy and Ron will be happy, and pretty soon operatingThetan won't look like a lonely place with not enough playmates about!"

Mary W


I came to get auditing for the single purpose of never being the same ever again. After completing my life repair, I have complete certainty that the hopes that I placed in Rons technology were not misplaced and that auditing is the only solution to any situation in my life that I believe needs to be handled.

For the first time in years I can actually THINK. I've made incredible gains, and I know that I'll never be the same again!



Hi All,
Well I just completed ARC Straightwire and to say the least, I feel light years ahead of where I used to be. I always had this idea that I was in really bad shape. I always had it in my head that it would take me a long time to get up the path. Now I realize that I wasn't anywhere as bad off as I thought, and actually, I'm in pretty good shape relative to the average person on the street. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have even gotten this far.

A major gain that I got is that for the first time in my life I'm not afraid of my memory. My past used to feel like a few mountains (memories that really stuck out) and a whole ton of valleys (areas that I couldn't really see). I realize now that I didn't even "use" my memory either. If someone asked me a question dealing with my past, I had the answers all on automatic, I never even "looked" at my track. Now my track is like a nice flat plain, and I can calmly and easily look at my past and get an answer to a question. It's an amazing feeling.

That's all minor in comparison to my biggest win though. Actually being exterior, and knowing for a fact that I'm not just a body. Reading and understanding the tech is one thing, but actually experiencing the exact second when you step out of the body is just something that money can't buy. I look back at myself when I first arrived in LA a week ago, and I realize that I'm not even the same guy that people knew then. Receiving auditing is definitely the most important thing that I've ever done. Thanks Tommy, and thanks Ron!



Hello Freezoners,
Today is my birthday. The 31st!
This was such a year... From total desperation, having no idea how to continue toward my purpose of Immortality Course, expelled from the church, sitting there hopelessly alone, from an incomplete ARC SW - - - - to finding one of the best auditors and Immortality Courses of the Universe, going through all Grades, learning the Meter, becoming an Academy auditor, then a Solo auditor, and onto Immortality Course1 and then Immortality Course2 and more - I am in the pre-Immortality Course band !!!

While I was getting through all this, I postulated an Immortality Course group, and again it became a reality. Because some others (you) had some similar postulates. So thank to you, Tommy and all who create these things.

All this in less than a year. So it can be done. This is my message today! Every one of you has the potential. Do I want others to have the same gains? YES.


Immortality Course Section II

I once noticed, that I'm getting tired, if the sun is shining very brightly. Whether I have slept enough or not, If I was sitting in a train at the sun side, I got very tired.

Fine, but the same thing, when I drove Motorbike. Not so fine.

Even before I started the Immortality Course materials I have had the idea, that felt like restimulation.

Well, now I started sessions with ICII, not so very successful, nothing astonishingly happened, but as I drove bike against bright sun, wow, no tiredness at all!

And when I noticed that, I noticed too, that my postulates of who I am, what shall I do in my life moved, or ceased sticking.

Well, fine. Could be resulted from auditing, couldn't it?

Immortality Course ABILITIES

I don't really know what I did to get in this state. Actually I find it a bit hard to conceive how I ever got so convinced that a body and mest, the whole thing was important in the first place.

I am not too sure what is happening here. But it was a giant relief to all of a sudden be able to really see again. I sort of "relaxed" into not worrying about it, and POW, there it all was clear as day. Well, about a thousand times clearer than day. About like day compared to being in a block of lead.

This is a win that I have spent 30 years seeking. More than that really, but at least the last thirty with the hope that perhaps Scio. could help.

And now, I see the spectrum at the end of the tunnel. What a wonderful feeling of relief and joy. Hot dog! We are all going to make it out of the soup once and for all.

I can very easily promise you that now. Ron believed in us all along. Now I am beginning to see why. As a matter of fact, I am just beginning to see, period.



This is a partial result of 5 hours of creative processing, mostly related to black barriers, and negative spacation, with an application of positive postulation of emeter drill course understanding at start of course. These are Immortality Course 1's: Dedicated, tough, and going to get up the path over who-cares-how-many-dead-bodies!
So, some may not fully savor the expression of free theta here as those who have fought tooth and nail to get something back once lost, namely Scio..

Immortality Course #1:

"My wins after receiving creative processing: Well first off my ability to create mock ups in my universe has markedly increased, and it is getting easier and easier to create in my universe.

To me, this is the final step towards being Immortality Course in all three universes. Another thing I have noticed is that I am not so trapped in the agreements of the mest universe and I am on the verge of ending cycle on compulsive logic stream thinking. There is a totally other way of operating and that is being here. My thanks to Ron, my thanks to my auditor, Tommy and my thanks to my twin.


Immortality Course#2:

"As me thetan-- Awareness of being aware- not my body. With 5 hours of creative processing.

I have gained a VERY much needed STABILITY here in my state of having achieved solid light years tall clear and Immortality Course1. While learning to audit (emeter course) and all for doing Immortality Course2. 360 * (three hundred sixty degrees) and three dimensional increase (jump leap, quantum leap) in clarity, stability, and ability to be, do and have.

I can stay separate from or spot what it is. Including the physical universe all around and about I have to handle (ref: org bd livingness tape about baby Immortality Course and rest of universe to handle).

I want to do much more creative processing. It GOES SO WELL with all the standard Scio. I have had training and auditing...a super booster...

It is part of that missing path that you and I will all need to get REALLY up the path, creative processing, pabs, pdcs, the accs, creation of human ability etc., path that I bought and thousands of others bought and put aside. (Back in 70's for me).

Life is getting more alive. My Doingness towards SURVIVAL for me and all my dynamics. If I can do the above and in less than a year: Life repair to clear and training to Immortality Course2, and while working 6 days a week landscaping (of course the best in the world :)), YOU CAN TOO!

Thanks Tommy, and Ron, and my twin.

Love, TZ. Your fellow Thetan."


Going exterior on ARC Straightwire was a very big win for me, but just a few days after, I got keyed in and found myself back in my body again. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and everything seemed horrible, my tone had also dropped noticeably.

Luckily, my auditor quickly spotted what was going on and ran me on the int rundown.

Now the great feeling that I had from my previous gains has returned, and I feel a renewed momentum towards life! The best thing though, is knowing that Ron tech can handle anything!



" I came to the Los Angeles ICAUSE Church to finish a cycle that I had started just a few years ago. While in the church I had learned the tech and gained a lot, but I never actually got ONTO the path. Something always felt unfinished and I knew that I had to get my feet firmly planted on the path.

In the 2 weeks I spent in LA, I not only finally got onto the path, but I made it all the way into grade 0! That's not bad for 2 weeks, and my willingness to be cause got me there.

Thanks to Tommy my auditor, and Ron who gave us the tech to get us all up the path."



" Just as a point, there were 3 brand new people that had not had any auditing at all previously. They of course all went away with big cognition's, good case gain, and with resolve to continue on the path to the end, wherever that might lead. ;) Heh. Two of them went away exterior. Big win of course."


Purpose Revitalized:

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for putting this here. I have been out of the church for over year and even though I felt great relief being away from it ( the new regime’s “think” that is now in place) , I missed belonging to a group with the purpose of going clear and Operative Theta.

In the old days (for me, 24 years ago) we all gathered to train hard, go clear and Immortality Course and in between time, have fun. Boy did that change. In the past 16 or so years it dwindled into; “Come to the IAS event”, “go to the ship for this course” and lurking behind every staff members pretend
communication was a chance to tell you out .Saturdays event, a new release, etc. No real comm whatsoever. And Int management...need I
say more.

When my friend told me about the FZ, I was leery to say the least. My biggest concern was organization and standard tech. I did not want a
spirited class III auditor from somewhere running his version of L12 with a dash of Immortality Course 8 and a pinch of CCHs on me. I would only look at a group
the ran pure Ron. My only reasons are that it works and it would keep a new group organized. I don’t know if it is perfect or care really, as long as it works. It bettered conditions.

And IMHO, after listening to hundreds of hours of Rons tapes and reading his books and I believe his intention was to get us clear and through the Immortality Course and the things he said and wrote were only aimed to help that happen. That is my feeling. But as always on this planet, some else takes that intention and
puts a little slant on it and it slowly starts to change and change and change as seen in the state of the church today. Totally changed. Only a shadow of what it once was.

Now, with all THAT said! :-) Thank you to all the ICAUSE folks for having enough ARC/KRC to put back what once was a great organization.

You have my assistance.

ml Frank

Solo Advanced Level (New Immortality Course 8)

Dam, the wins keep on coming. I can't wait again to get in session tonight.

My Theta perceptions are starting to kick-in and are somewhat stabilizing (sort of). Man do things and people "look" strange. The matter in this universe seems to be made up different pieces of stuff. The same object seems to have different parts that are from different sources. I had never noticed it before.

As you can guess, another killer session last night. On VII, the sessions are not very long...but they kick butt. Later or the next day the wins grows and grows. Today at lunch I was observing some people and could see that they were basically a sleep moving with out much control at all. Some were running on automatic some I could not tell what the hell made them move.

Their cases wraped around them like a blanket. If they only knew that there was a way out. Bummer huh.

We can not waste the time that we have trying to decide which direction to go. We have only one direction...across the path. The water is rising on this side and those that wait will be lost.

Do your next step. My feet are dry and I still have a good walk ahead.

Don't stand there in the water thinking that the people talking about the path are necessarily moving across. Move up the path and then

See you in Reno at the Org.

It's great this far. Come with us.


AUDITED Immortality Course Section 5

Hey! I just finished auditing on IC 5. Great! I am completely exterior- the body is so, so, so small- I can, and I am expanding to fill any space that I want.

I am completely exterior to my body; My perceptions are sharp and crystal clear.

The mountains and the trees that I see right now from this window are sharp and vivid!

Thanks for the certainty!



Here is a success story from a new rundown called the Phoenix on a new Immortality Course Section 7. It appears the rundown is actually a whole Immortality Course level in itself. It is intended to blow stops across the upper dynamics. It undercuts the bank.

Today I did a special rundown. I've never looked that far back, it always seemed to me as though I'd get to a point and couldn't see beyond that.

This rundown enabled me to look from the very start. All the confusion, maybes and low level background fears vanished and there was just me, and I'm glad to have a wonderful validation of what I always felt to be true.

From the viewpoint and the state I attained (Native State), all the labels that we so easily place upon others just vanished.

There don't appear to be any "SP's," bad guys, or PTS's, just a being who is working on the latest solution to handle what he just got out of.