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Success Stories and Completion's

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I would like to attest to the completion of IC2. And boy would I love anyone else to have these benefits.

I realized with much reality that the whole track is just enforced
pictures and sensations. I could have it or not. No big deal. It is no
longer a problem to me, just something I will methodically take apart. I
have no fear of it. I agreed to it and altered it in some way and held on to
it. And we are now undoing it. There also is a serenity that has come over me
about the whole subject.

These last two days have been incredible. The wins, the viewpoints, the
understanding has just been phenomenal. As a PC my understanding (though not 100% yet) has increased dramatically. I am this viewpoint and I am thinking with it and just thinking about it. The whole track has just lost all power. It's just enforced pictures and sensations. I have to be a smarter guy next time and don't buy the damn
thing. One really great win was my auditing smoothed out and I took
control. Realizing when pictures were copies, realizing when thoughts
weren't mine,I even realized one time I copied a picture.
From last sessions, Time and space win which was huge for me and this
session it's like each action give you more wins then all the previous
actions combined.
This (IC 2) has been so amazing. My understanding of time , space
and the whole track itself has increased dramatically. My space is peaceful
and my confront and intention are strong.

All the Ron data that I studied over the years makes even more sense now.
My thanks to him. And my special thanks to Tommy for doing what he is doing and keeping the original intention of this subject alive and not by wishing it, but by
doing it.

arc FG


Man! What can I say? Well, this has been a Major Goal
Accomplishment. This explains all the confusions that have
been on my lines all my life. I have finally come home to
self and what I have found out is that I am really not that
bad of a guy.
I have to say this, that the confusing mass of the mind has
been recognized so that I can really move up the bridge and
get that much closer to truly assist Ron with the job at
hand, Clearing.
I would like to thank Ron for the Tech and his great
wisdom. And Tommy Thompson for his persistence and great
delivery of the tech. And my twin Tony who has helped make
this possible.



YES! Each session of this level has resulted in more and bigger areas I
can STABLY communicate. I COULD NOT OR WOULD NOT before. This is an
unshakable condition that TRULY WORKS in life and livingness all the
time- new units of time!
I noticed today as I was driving to session, the world I live in is so
new and different (even though it is the "same" place as before --- I am
going through the day and night as if I have just arrived here! I can
be in communication with anyone, anything, anywhere at any time!
This includes wins and wins and cogs and wins and release and gains
beyond my wildest dreams-

Also MY FIRST grade done! VVVVVery important step to Immortality Course Completion..

powerful-wins-beyond-ones--wildest-----dreams as when Ron put it out.


SUCCESS! ARC Straightwire

BOY OH BOY WHAT A RELIEF! Man, I have been solidly stuck in one
valence, the this lifetime valence. Man, Doing ARC S/W broke that loose, and a flood of track memory just flowed in.
Its Great! I can move up and down the track with easy and I am totally
certain I'll not be getting any worse. I would first off give thanks to Ron, Source, and then Great! Great! Thanks to Tommy my auditor. And to my very best friend and twin.


Section 7 Immortality Course

Success Story

During my recent Section 7 rundown program I achieved the state known as static. It is a bit hard to describe, as it's not a mest thing. Theta is static, theta has no motion, theta is not in space or time but it can be to have a game. I guess
you could say that I as a being achieved a state of un-being. As I prefer to be in a game, I dropped to a level just below static, and that's fine for now.

I gotta thank Tommy for the excellent Csing, without him I
would never made it this far. I look foreword to the next


SUCCESS! The State of Clear


I'll "be ringing" from here on ----------------- I am overwhelmed with the GOOD TRUTH of this new state of existence. This includes the waves and waves and waves of relief I am experiencing.

I have opened my door to Immortality and am starting to take the first faltering
steps on this most wonderful of roads. Definite thanks for the help, Tommy,

Ron, (My twin) and
the CS'es.


SUCCESS! Immortality Course Section 1

I was basking in the glow of just becoming "clear"- exploring the
nooks an crannies of my new found state when Tommy walked up to me with a
folder. "Read this to me and let me know if you understand these command", he
directed me.
I opened the folder and saw the title IC1 a the top of the page. WOW!
Was this for me?
I was still skipping and hopping on being clear!
I dutifully read the commands not realizing that Tommy was springing
me into IC-dom while I was still exploding from going clear.
"You want me to do this now?", I asked incredulously."Yes", was his
simple response.
So before I knew it, I was headed towards the local mall for my 1st
OT course. I was befuddled by the simple cognition's and almost concerned for
my quick observations. But a couple of hours later, I came back with my
experience to find I had no charge on things like I used to. And I felt great!

I also became very, very excited of fulfilling a fantasy of
experiencing my 1st IC Course.. YIPPEE!


Life Repair

I came to get auditing for the single purpose of never being the
same ever again. After completing my life repair, I have complete certainty
that the hopes that I placed in LRH's technology were not misplaced
and that auditing is the only solution to any situation in my life
that I believe needs to be handled.

For the first time in years I can actually THINK. I've made incredible
gains, and I know that I'll never be the same again!



Success IC Repair and Section 1

Here is a little story for you, when I went up to Nevada to see Tom for some auditing. I postulated I wanted to get my case handled and it was TOTALLY
HANDLED more that I ever dreamed. I also postulated I wanted to see it snow. Its been a very long time since I seen it snow and guess what it snowed and I was a
very happy Thetan. Well, it snowed a bit too much, I must learn to qualify my postulates somewhat.

Anyway, coming home over the mountains I was thinking how I can help get the show on the road with Tom and the group and I decided that first thing I would have
to find a bigger place to live. Where I live now is a small trailer which is very nice and out in the country but it's not big enough to Audit pc's in and maybe have a course room in. So anyway, I got home and went to work still thinking about this when my landlady informed me that I have to move out because her son is coming back with his girlfriend to live on the ranch. Well now, I started LOL, this is
great, postulates do work but I still need to get a handle on them as to timing also.

I did my IC1 in a Wal mart in Carson City and since then I tend to get
keyed-out every time I go into one. Anyway, I was standing in line and I decided I was going to find a place today and not go into agreement when this
complete stranger turned to me and said there is a house for rent outside of town. Now I didn't say anything to her and yet she knew exactly what I wanted
and needed. I got the phone number from her, then she gave me this strange look like "Why am I talking to you"! I thanked her and then called the owner and we talked for about 30 min and he described the house and it was exactly what I was looking for. The owner liked what he heard about me and without even meeting me or
checking out my references told me as far as he is concerned I got the house. The only problem is the cost of the rent, it's a bit more than I had planed for and then it hit me, I forgot to include in my postulate the cost. Damm it, being a baby Immortal sure is exciting!

Now I'm telling you all, when your on purpose, working towards a goal of Clearing this planet and making trained being's things JUST GO RIGHT!!!

It was very very hard at first for me before going to Nevada Church. I didn't want to go, I was afraid of the Responsibility that I knew I had been hiding from for
20 years. I was a failed auditor, a failed case and a worthless Clear. I was just living out my life waiting to die with no purpose.

How things have changed in a short time. I still can't believe what is happening to me, it almost feels like I'm in a controlled freefall going 120 mph with everything working perfectly. I sometimes find myself holding my breath in anticipation of what is going to happen next. I'm excited about life again and in the game we here are playing.

We can live life in quite desperation, fearing all the fears that we can mock up or we can take charge of our lives and make thing go right.

Ron gave us the bridge, the road out and when each one of you read your first book, heard your first tape or even heard the word SCIO, you put your foot on
that road and there is no getting off it either this life time or the next 10,000 your still on it. So less get the show on the road, we can all contribute to the forward motion of this ICAUSE group. A little or a lot it doesn't matter, just contribute to the forward motion of TRAINING AUDITORS, CLEARING AND MAKING IMMORTALS.
We all have to get out of this trap, NO ONE gets left behind. There is no better game in this or any other universe that is this exciting and also it's a lot of fun.



Section One IC Course

The wins on IC 1 were great. I have truly realized my self as a Thetan, not
a name or a body. The commands on this level are deeper and have more impact than other auditing I have had. The amount of gain per session is large indeed.
This bridge that Ron has created is great to walk as everyone should.



Success! Clear 0024:

I am a permanent clear! I feel like my space and abilities have expanded -
my enthusiasm for life in general has increased..

I just feel really good - not a shaky "let me just have a good day here"
type of good, but a real sense of peace sort of good!
Much Love LR

Success IC 1

Boy, this was incredible! My ARC for people and things has gone out
the roof.
Granting beingness is just happening all the time without putting
attention on it. My understanding of others seems to have came up markedly,
and as I told Tommy, I want to help.

Thanks to Tommy for making this a reality for me.