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Issue I

The bridge and OT 8


Good Morning:

       I have been thinking recently of the simplicity of the Scientology Technology, and how it resolves the complications of the mind and spirit, and results in total freedom.

       I have been auditing and training people for the last ten years or so out of the CO$, and as a result have became a very competent auditor, and had much case gain.  I suppose one reflects the other.

        I recently started OT8, not the squirrel version that exists in the Free Zone, but the actual materials that were developed by LRH.  This level is one that is impossible to do unless the lower levels are complete.  This is somewhat true for the entire bridge, but you can get some gain, even if lower levels are out on the rest of the bridge.  It is not true for this level.  Basically, if a person has attention on the lower levels, or they do not have the ability gained from them they will not be able to handle the materials of OT8.  LRH states "This is for a very high level thetan."  And he is right.  As long as a persons attention is stuck or governed by lower level charge, he will not be able to address this level.

         OT8 was designed for a person who had already made it on the old levels of OT4 - Full OT7.  After Ned for OT's was developed, then this rundown made it possible for a person to actually make it on OT4-7.  A few made it before this, but for the most part, there was simply too much charge left on the case to make the intended gains of these OT Sections.  The techniques of OT8 are not intended for a being who is not able to handle it. Much as you could not really run Dianetics on a person who could not communicate, these materials are similar.

          It is basically a very simple rundown, it addresses all the untruths and lies on the whole track.  While simple, it is quite a feat to achieve this.  In early materials, LRH stated that there was a case condition of "full visible track, no charge".  This level handles that terminatedly. Another stated EP is freedom from amnesia on the whole track.


Tommy Thompson

Founder ICAUSE

2008 by Tommy Thompson