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Issue I


        Purpose and intention are very nearly two sides of the same coin. Simply stated, you could say that intention was the goal, and purpose the reason for the goal. It is difficult to split them apart for each depends on the other. There can be either without the other, but in any dynamic activity, they co-exist. A being can have an intention to do something, but have no purpose for it. As well one can have a purpose to do this or that, and yet be lacking sufficient intention to bring it about.

        Intention is not exactly a passive thing. One definition is "that upon which the mind is set, purpose." Purpose: "an end of effort or action". In most dictionaries, these two words are nearly interdependent.

        Intention is seeing a thing as done, and then setting in motion the actions that will bring about the visualized thing. It is realization of purpose. Or actualization of intended purpose. It is motion toward a postulated effect.

        Much has been said about what is a worthwhile purpose. Which of these actions are worthwhile, and which are not? Since theta is static, all problems and resolutions of existence can be viewed as different conditions of motion and no-motion, and modified by the viewpoints considerations thereof. One fellow thinks that a car driver speeding along at 50 mph is going too fast, and another motorcycle rider used to 160+ thinks he could almost get out and walk. So even the motion and no motion, minus and plus randomity is solely monitored by viewpoint. What is still for one is movement to another and vice versa.

        So with all this going on, how can anyone say what is a "worthwhile purpose"? Actually it is very easy. It is what is valuable to the viewpoint, the individual static. This motion is better or more desirable than that motion. To another viewpoint, it could radically differ, even be opposite.

        To achieve any workability out of this, one must enter upon the third universe, the universe of agreements. Now we can get somewhere. Roughly speaking you could say that a worthwhile purpose would be something that resulted in a majority of support and agreements from other viewpoints. Here we enter the dynamics, as we must have some way of determining relative value of agreements. We enter communication and interchange, and the concepts of survival and non survival all have bearing at this point.

        Worthwhile purpose could be simply stated as a purpose that gained enough agreement and support among other viewpoints, along with enough production and exchange to further survival of the individual viewpoint in its own opinion. Very broadly stated, it could be said that a worthwhile purpose would be one that produced the most optimum motion
for survival across the dynamics.

        And here we enter the field of Ethics. Reason and contemplation of optimum survival. So, by definition, a worthwhile purpose would be an ethical action. Its degree of worthiness would be determined by its effectiveness in producing optimum survival across the dynamics.

        Ultimately there could be no absolutely worthwhile purpose, as this is unobtainable in this universe. However, absolutes are readily attained in the first universe, the universe of the individual. So some purpose could be perceived as an absolutely worthwhile purpose to one individual, while the rest of the viewpoints take him out and string him up from the nearest tree for horse stealing.

        Therefore we enter the field of sanity. What is sanity? In its simplest definition, it is the ability to tell right from wrong. How wrong can one be? Dead wrong, that state of motion which is commonly perceived as no-cause. How did the fellow get to be wrong? He set out on a course of non-optimum motion that set up a losing condition where the majority of the dynamics snuffed him out. Kicked him out of the game so to speak.

        "We don't tolerate hoss thieves roun here pardner", and they promptly brought about a state of no motion on the body known as death, hung by the neck until. :)

        So sanity has to be part of the equation. For a purpose to be truly worthwhile in a workable sense, it has to be ethical, it has to issue from a sane viewpoint. And from a dynamic point of view it must help more than it destroys.

        "I know, I know", you are probably saying, "This is all self evident, what's the point?"

        The point is that a being is only happy having and following a worthwhile purpose. And to a very large degree, his ability to intend and to postulate directly depends on whether he is on a worthwhile purpose or a substitute. The entire scale of havingness applies here. First the fellow or lass is on a track to be an auditor. Yes sir, that is a worthwhile purpose, and no matter what they touch it all goes right somehow. They want to help people, things are getting better, pc is winning, and so forth. Then some how the universe gets shifted around, and all of a sudden he is back in his Architect job, and she is teaching plasma physics at the local college.

Big substitution, but the body has to be fed an clothed you know, and I need a couple of beers after a hard week, and baby needs new shoes......Now they are back in the 8 to 5 world, surrounded by people with banks in full cry. They plug along for the whole lifetime, kick the bucket and only thing they can take away is a bunch of pictures of experience.

         What happened? Simple, their attention and intention got drug off of the purpose, and they had to put it on a substitute to survive.

        The basic laws that this stuff comes from is very powerful. It literally will bring the dead back to life. It is senior to mest by a very long ways. In order to blow a stop, it is only necessary to re-kindle the failed purpose. The thetan never really lets go of that purpose, he lugs it around with him till the end of time with a covert attempt to hold that position he lost. Thus the time track is created.

        It is not necessary to handle the stop. It is only necessary to re-kindle the failed purpose. And if the purpose was truly worth while, it is a very very easy thing to do. Why did the thetan get into that particular game in the first place? What was he trying to accomplish? What did he or she hope to achieve?

        The Free Zone has been splintered, dispersed, attacked, and suppressed. A systematic effort has been extended against it by the CO$ and vested interests to keep it confused, disorientated and disorganized. This is always the result of any conflict when super individual beings come up against lesser, but super-organized beings.

        Scio, when applied results in greater abilities, and greater differences in thetans. We are all unique. So we were prime targets. In our very effort to attain or regain our own unique abilities lay our downfall. Among the first to be splintered off were the able beings, the trained, the individuals who could think with the data and had exteriorized from the organization. "Hey, I am an cause, I can think for myself, I don't go for that crap, I am outta here." Pow. Gone. Appear and disappear, true thetan indeed.

        Ron warned us about that time and again. "Advanced Beings cannot survive alone." So what do we do? We take off in all different directions and see for ourselves if it is true. Well, I have had personally enough of being not much more than a super-wog. I am tired of living with 10,000,000 banks in full cry around me so I only can get any decent thinking done when everyone else is asleep.

I don't consider building highways and paths, and a good flush system for some humanoid as a truly worthwhile purpose. Yeah, I get paid for it, I can care and feed the body, and live for another 80 years or so and kick the bucket. Big deal. I have done that enough times on the track it is way way way beyond old hat.

        But what I DO consider worthwhile is bringing some spiritual understanding to my fellow thetan. I consider auditing and training as something very worthwhile. And of course, I would love to see a world without war, criminals or insanity. And I would not at all be adverse to seeing a cleared universe either. All of that sort of stuff aligns with my own basic purposes and goals.

        But practically speaking, I would first of all like to see a good group of beings auditing and training each other, and making it go right in their own individual spheres of influence. I would like to see what would happen if 50 people got trained and audited to Section 8 of the Immortality Course. That tech we have, that path is totally workable, and it is demonstrable on nearly anyone in a year or two.

        A stated intention of taking over the planet is going to do nothing but bring down the intentions of those who have lots to lose down on you. A stated intention of creating a small community of gung-ho folks who are handling their own cases and exerting beneficial effects on their environment can be nothing but positive.

        And let me tell you, 50 IC Section 8's back to back could stand off some pretty serious attacks, even from the Flying Saucer Fellows. And the best part of it is that when we die, we get to take it all with us.
        So that is the purpose and intention for ICAUSE. To clear and train as many as possible to be able to successfully Solo Audit the Immortality Course. That should give us a good shot at the dynamic banks. I am not saying that this game is for everyone. It is not. No one is asking anyone to be on staff, and no one is saying join for the duration or die. Nothing like that.

Man is going to die anyway, I nor anyone else is going to have anything to say about that. My intention is to give him something useful he can keep when he does die.

        My purpose is to serve as a symbol for the FZ to rally around. That is all, plain and simple. No one is asking anyone to believe anything, no one has to contribute, no one has to do a damn thing. If some folks would like to audit and train, and have a purpose to do that, well then fine, fine, hop aboard, we will be more than glad to have you. If others don't, that is fine too, let us know if we can help you out.

        I want the ICAUSE churches to be sort of like an AA meeting hall. No fees, no dues, anyone is welcome that can admit he has a problem and would like to do something about it. Come on in, have a free cup of coffee, and sit a spell. If you want to read a book, go right ahead, there is a pile of them over there, dig right in. If you want to hold cans for a student in exchange for the coffee, that is wonderful. If you want to mop the floor, help out in the kitchen, and hang around until someone needs a pc for something, welcome to it.

        And if you just want to come around once in a while and hear wins, and see laughing happy people on purpose, be our guest. No one is going to be turned away, no one is going to be denied a shot at immortality. If you want to pay for auditing or training we will deliver the best service within our capability. Prices are affordable, roughly around the levels of the early to mid 70's. It is my intention to create and hold stable a way out of the soup that the common working person can do in a few years of effort. It is priceless, but useless indeed if no one can afford it.

        We are against no one in particular, all are friends until actions state otherwise. And even then, it is just going to be students bouncing the bad hats out the door. We do have a right to protect our immortality and sanity, we have a right to practice clearing technogies, and each and every one of us has the ability to do so.

Tommy Thompson

Founder ICAUSE

© 2001 by Tommy Thompson