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Good Morning:
This bulletin is going to cover the a to b solo sequence. First I will discuss the way the bridge was done in the old church, and then I will clarify how the new Immortality Course lineup avoids some of the inherent stops.

First of all, Ron discovered a few people in the early days when no data was confidential being used to stop others progress on the bridge. He gives one example of a man "chanting" the 2 materials at his wife to key her in. She survived. He didn't.

As well, some of the materials started turning up on "Bullbait". Students were keying each other in with these materials. In all of the cases studied, it was found that the person doing this was actually trying to harm the other person.

Then the confidential material were made confidential, and secret. Ron simply followed the military procedures, he was familiar with.

Somewhere along the line, there evolved a great deal of secrecy, and very very tight security in the cos regarding the materials of the upper levels. By 1980, you had to have a locked briefcase for any of the solo folders, you studied the ad courses in a locked room, you signed for the materials, and if you lost anything, heaven help you.

When I was doing the upper levels, I was unaware of the FZ, the Internet, or much of anything else out of the cos. Now, I see the data, and recognize that even back then, the materials were outside the church, and the cos was fighting even then to keep these materials out of the general publics view.

There were also some folks who were printing the OT3 data in local papers, and then sending copies of this material back in the mailings sent from the orgs to unsuspecting letter regs. One of these letters landed me in a pile of bpc, and got my folders marked OT3, and thereafter, only OT3's could audit me.

It made my bridge progress much much slower, although perhaps was a blessing in disguise because I only had OT auditors after that.

Anyway, there are very good reasons that the data is confidential. One of the major ones is that the pc / preOT will start to wander around and try to run things that are above their level.

Many times I have found people on the net that have read this stuff, most mixed with entheta and invalidation of the material. Well, they get pretty confused to say the least.

You know: "The pilot says there are 16 dynamics, and since Jesus was a fag, and CBR got telexes from Ron about the implanters, I noticed that in my case rah rah, and since it is all so confusing, why is the moon made out of green cheese, and how come we should run MOCO's for engrams, what is the quickest way for me to be OT99 tomorrow, this headache is killing me."

Ha ha, you would say. No, this is a perfectly serious request, and the person expects some sort of an answer.

Now in the old church, there was a perfectly good lineup, though a rather long runway for the OT Sections. You did not go near a Solo Session without all sorts of sec checks, petitions to Flag for any out qualification, you finished the entire solo course before you were even allowed to think about OT 1, much less going out and running the damn thing.

On section 2, there were even more levels of confidentiality, and by the time you got to three, even OT3's would not mention the word "BT" to each other in a locked room with no one around for miles. You damn near were afraid to even write it on a piece of paper. You would be expelled for singing the song "Take me to the Pilot" by Elton John. It was pounded into me so hard that it took 15 years to loosen up enough to even do a search of others who perhaps had studied the materials on the net.

And the results were predictable. A year or so between clear and OT1. Another couple for 2. More for 3, and maybe 5 or 8 more for OT7. The stats showed it.

Clear: 15,657
OT1: 8,723
OT2: 4,998
3: 2,453
4: 1,993
5: 1,240
6: 1,020
7: 1,000 (numbers here are examples)There less than .001 percent of people making it all the way to OT7. There were a lot of OT1', it only cost $80. After that, it nearly dropped to nothing. It was a rare thing to hear a OT3 completion success story. OT5's were unheard of nearly, and the amount of OT7's running around were negligible. An OT7 was a very high, very respected state. They were rare indeed. And this was in the time that it cost only $50,000 or less to make it up the bridge.

The runway was just too long, the finances were too difficult, and stranger and stranger things occurred to "get the stats up". Eventually the orgs and staff went criminal, and started cheating to not wind up in some sort of a lower condition or on the RPF. And they blew, in large numbers, and very quickly. "The Great Exodus" of 83 or so. Coming out with a fake Ron did nothing to help. In fact, it increased the flow of people out of the cos.

Here is a perfect example. I was D of P AshoF. We got orders to "get the stats up". No auditors, no paying pc's. Well, how? Someone got the bright idea that some of the pc's who were not on lines at the time had several hours or so in their account, and their pc folders had not been fesed in a long time. Well guess what, we went through every single folder and had them fesed, and that was charged to the pc's account. Some had not been in session in years. But Horray! the stats went up. Fesing counts as 1/2 of a WDAH. Joy, joy, the wdah is going up. Until we ran out of people with back money on account. And then the stats really crashed, as they were being padded, and were a false report to boot.

Meanwhile, I kept my own "private" stats, that showed "Wdah with a pc holding cans". That continued to rise, I was a very tricky fellow at getting around obstacles and getting people actually in session. I ran a good hgc, we produced good products. And I had a lot of unusual solutions, like trading off labor to the BC sups to get the students to audit my PCs. I bribed a lot of folks in those days, let me tell you. I did some things to get people in session that I knew I would be shot over if anyone found out, but I kept getting people audited.

Anyway, pretty soon these "old" PCs started showing up. They had $200, $500, $1000 on their account. Not enough for an intensive, but they would show up, and want some books, or tapes, or a meter for the money. Surprise, surprise, there was no money in their account. It was all gone in "fes charges". They hit the roof. Some screamed and hollered, and got declared over it. Others bitched an moaned, but all of them were very arcx over it, and probably wasted another 5 hours of auditing time getting this charge handled.

And it was ALL the orgs fault. Of course, the execs sort of swept it under the rug. None of that was reported up lines, you can bet your ass. The orgs were falling apart, staff was at each others throat, and we were getting constant orders, projects, must-be-got-in-right-NOW crap. And you would hardly start on one project before you had three more to do at the same time. A hundred hours a day was not enough to keep up. We just got further and further behind. A few of us wise ones just sort of developed a very believable q and a over these projects, tried to get the dispatches lost in the general confusion, and kept on doing our jobs the best way we could. Many could not handle it at all and blew. Which overloaded even further the rest of us.

Then the "Recovery Missions" were sent in. They started rpfing every upstat in sight. Pretty soon it was a rats nest, and even good staff were going into apathy about getting their jobs done. Of course within a couple of years, everyone left who had any sense. Our spirit was broken. We had no faith in the system, we had no faith that following he policies of Ron were any protection at all. Justice was a joke, it was arbitrary witch hunting. If you bitched, you were gone. If you didn't bitch, you were a down stat and were gone. Damned if you did, damned if you did not.

Anyway, that is the background that surrounded the "Secrecy" of the upper levels. If you wanted even the faintest chance of doing the OT levels, you were quiet as a mouse, and you said "yes sir" to everybody. One tiny slip of the tongue to someone, and they wrote a knowledge report that you were insecure with the confidential materials, and you looked forward to a long long stint of no sleep and washing dishes, cleaning grease pits, and general degradation. That is if you were Sea Org. If you were a public, you were simply gone, denied further training and processing forever, denied communication with your friends and that was it.

After a while they quit putting out individual declares. Pretty soon they were long lists of names. After that, they even quite writing them at all. They were just mysteriously "SP". No reason given, none needed.

I wander a bit from the subject. But this was the general environment in the Orgs. Unknown to us, the FZ was starting to develop, the terrible sp squirrels were having a field day posting the very materials we were sweating blood and teeth trying to get 25 hours a day. If we would have had any idea, we would have emptied out in a day.

Now we enter the FZ. Joy, joy, we can talk about anything we like, we can chant restimulative materials at each other, we can pretend to be Ron, we can have all manner of secret com lines to Ron and everyone else, and we can just alter the tech and do anything we want with it. No one is going to do a damn thing about it either.

A dogs breakfast of truth, lies, outright deception, and a few trying to struggle along and actually get some auditing done.

Now an innocent pc hits the FZ. They read all of this stuff. Most slanted towards how evil the COS is, and how crazy Ron was. Mixed in with people who get "secret messages" from him and are the "only ones". Some poor fools actually fall for it. And the "confidential" materials in every form from accurate, to guaranteed to spin you permanently.

Faced with a criminal cos, and an insane fz, what is the pc to do? That is where I came in, that is where this organization leads. Back to the tech of Ron, pure and simple.

The policies written for the COS do not apply. None of the situations in pt existed when Ron was writing policy. And he wrote policy for the church, not for the fz.

Today, we are writing policy for the Church of Advanced Universal Spiritual Enlightenment. We can not use the copyrighted bridge. Therefore we must write our own materials, and they must produce standard results. And many of the policies written to protect the confidential materials are extinct, it is too late, they are available to anyone with a modem and computer screen.

The cat is out of the bag, and we better just set about sorting out the truth from the lies. The upper sections as delivered in the cos do not apply. Even if they did, they are all copyrighted anyway. We cannot use them. And the bridge delivered by the cos is extremely limited at best, totally unworkable at worst.

After all this background, I finally come to the point. I have been clearing people with this procedure for quite a while now. It is the result of quite a few mistakes and corrections. It is the path of least resistance from clear to the lower OT sections.

First of all, to handle Section 3, a person is going to have to be able to audit, and audit well. However, doing the briefing course before getting on section 1 is not necessary, or even 3.

The principles that I use follow gradient scales data. Only the skills necessary are trained for each level. If they are unable to run the level, they have to have more training. But this is fast flow. Read it, Drill it, Do it.

The first thing the new clear gets is all the definitions of clear sorted out and understood. They understand the mechanics of this, and get any uncertainty off, false data and hidden standards about the state straightened up.

Then they study the nature of the time track, the principal incidents that compromise the bulk of the upper sections.

They study the nature of a being, read the necessary references (history of man, etc). They study a brief synopsis of what is included in the composite case, they review the basic procedures and concepts of each of the OT sections through Solo Nots.

Next, they are trained on all of the meter drills that directly relate to the running of OT 2. Namely ability to handle a meter, being able to produce all reads on a student or coach, and knowing what produces each one.

Then they are trained in the admin procedures necessary to keep an accurate solo folder, they know how to write up a session, they know how to write the codes and worksheets on a section 2 session.

They study the cc course materials. (This is being revised, they will study a writeup from the cc materials so they do not get confused with the cc course itself.)

Then they go in session and start running Section 2.

Meanwhile they continue on the solo course. They learn how to fly ruds, how to handle correction lists, they learn to audit.

When this is done, they probably are finished with section 2.

They then study the Section 3 data. Included in this data are choice material from Section 5,6, and 7 (Nots) that relates to the 3 materials.

Then the actual materials of 3 are ran. While this is going on, at the same time they are continuing on the checksheet, studying the materials of Nots, its handlings, and its drills.

By the time that Section 3 is complete, they have great reality and fluency in the Nots technology.

They then start auditing the materials of that level.

Now we have a person on OT7 who knows what they are doing. They are then studying the materials of the BC, the PDC, Perception of Truth, the tapes and bulletins that ensure full understanding of what Standard Tech is, and they are applying it to their case.

Above, or in this level, they will have to know the techniques of many other contributors to the Upper bridge. But by this time, they are able to sort out for themselves the truth of the matter.

I have not given a lot of thought to the upper OT sections. I could write things for weeks and weeks on it. It would take me a year to even begin to put on paper what I know about it.

The big lack we have now is a codified procedure, and checksheet with pack that enables one to make it on the upper levels.

This is an OT COURSE. A COURSE. It is done gradiently. One level leads directly into the next. Gradiently higher and higher skills are required of the solo auditor. They become more and more proficient at auditing. It is a COURSE.

I nearly scream with frustration at some of the questions I get. A person wants to know how to handle "off planet implanters" and they have not even the foggiest idea of why bypassed charge is indicated on an arcx, or why it reduces afterwards.

Or they patty cake around with "BT's", and do not even know that you go earlier similar on a basic, or that these guys have chains and tracks.

Or they q and a with pictures, and run off trying to do "unstacking" or "codes" or something. God knows what they are doing or why. I just shuffle them off to the "needs complete training from the bottom up" box, and stick it on a back burner.

Now don't get the idea here I am blaming anyone for any of this. Most of the lack is in a completely well written summary, along with assembling and compiling a complete OT Course checksheet and pack. Ron did it of course for the church, but as we have seen, that does not apply any more. Just because it does not apply here and now for us does not mean the technology is incorrect. Far from it. It just means that studying all of it, clearing up the words and confusions makes an unacceptably long runway for the great majority.

Some will never make it without a few years study, or even decades.

But, this is an a to b route, it stresses greater understanding of the materials addressed, why, and how it applies to the pre OT, and much less on confidentiality and arbitrary stops.

I rambled a bit off of the original intention when I started this bulletin. But this data is necessary to understand why the bridge is being rewritten, and why a smoother approach is necessary.

Rev Tommy Thompson