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This page is for signing up for the ICAUSE SURVIVAL GROUP.



I have been going over this stuff, and relistening to some of
the LRH data. The more I think about it the more that this seems
to be a excellent idea.

I have created a yahoo group for this club, and it will have
many new things.

One of the best perks for paying members is that they will be
able to download in real time, videos of the various places I
have been over the last few weeks.

I made quite a few lectures on the Minus Awareness levels
while I was in scotland, and have not really shown them to
anyone, but there is around 10 hours on this subject alone.

And always, there are the travel videos, made nearly bi
monthly, with a lot of good data, lectures, and so forth that do
not really get published to the broad public.

I also have around 20 hours of very specific video on some of
the upper levels, on handling the entity case. There is also
quite a bit of video on lots of the upper bridge, and I have been
planning on making a specific video for the handling and running
of Section 3.

The icause domain was costing me a ton becuase it went over
the bandwidth requirements, nearly every month. Most of this was
because of people downloading the various lectures and so forth.
Now I don't mind particularly, but when there is no income, and a
steady outflow, eventually, I get tired of it.

I also have some videos on how to repair and calibrate
meters. These were also quite popular, and cost me several
hundred dollars to provide to people. A few said "thanks".

Anyway, The Survival Club members, being those who are
serious about getting up the bridge will be able to download and
enjoy these many videos at no cost other than the membership
fees. As an off subject, I also have the Southpark Scientology
video that will be available as well.

To those that are serious about improving thier auditing and
metering skills, I can set up a ftp site where they can send
video clips, and get feedback and coaching nearly immediately. A
cheap web cam is good enough to correct a lot of errors. This
will be available to members as well.

Additionally, there is a lot of data about where and when I
am going to be in this place or the other, and insider details of
the organization, and progress of courserooms, etc that are of
great interest to some, and never get posted to the icause yahoo
group because of osa watchers.

So, there will be a direct and hot line to the immediate
actions that are undertaken to clear folks.

As well there is going to be a monthly newsletter, and it
will be a very good read. Always, it will feature some LRH
subject, and will be aimed at a persons overcoming the next step
on the bridge. If someone wants to be an editor, I will be happy
for the help.

Another benefit is that members will recieve a discount on
auditing and training packages. I am going to increase prices
sometime soon this year, and members will have a guarantee on the
price for the entire year.

Another benefit is that the members will have a place to go
if all goes wrong where they are, and will have a place to stay,
and people to help them get on thier feet. This could be a big
help in a career change, or a nasty divorce, something like that.

The purpose of this club is to build a strong 3d. It is to
provide protection and support for those members who wish to help
the group.

At the present time, I am thinking of Dues of $25 per month.
Now that is not a lot of money, a half hours auditing, and it is
going to be directly used to make the bridge more accessable to
one and all.

If you want to join, then send dues via paypal to


For example, if we had 20 people doing that, it would be
enough to pay rent for a full time small courseroom.

Anyway, I will post more as details come up. I have sent
some of you an invitation already.

All the best: